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‘Looking Very Promising’: COVID-19 Prevention, Treatment Clinical Trials Begin In Oxnard

FOMAT Medical Research is testing an antibody cocktail, which has been gaining attention nationally as a possible way to treat and prevent the infection.

An important treatment is happening right here in Oxnard California, a Clinical Research Company is working on Clinical Trials to find a potential treatment against COVID 19.Nicholas Focil is the CEO of FOMAT Medical Research in Oxnard, is talking about two clinical trials that just started on antibody cocktail. Focil says: The medicament is  getting national attention since this drug could be a potential treatment to treat and prevent COVID 19.

Beginning Thursday, people who want to participate in a study will be able to take a free testing at this site across the Oxnard Library. You get your results within an hour, if you tested positive you can participate in a clinical trials with a potential treatment.

Nicholas Focil said: “This medication is an one treatment day, you get treat the same day, and for the next 45 days you will follow-up with 15 times”. If you tested negative you may qualify for the next study. Focil says that this studie is designed for healthy people, who are in high risk, that will give the medicine and will be monitored for seven months.

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Source: CBS Los Angeles

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