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    FOMAT Medical Research


    FOMAT Medical Research is a modified and improved version of a traditional SMO, Site Management Organization, focused on innovating healthcare through the Americas. We offer a wide range of solutions for Sponsors, Clinical Contract Organizations (CROs), and Sites throughout the Americas. FOMAT Medical Research has over 10 years of experience participating in Clinical Research in most therapeutic areas. Our Research Network (throughout the Americas) is qualified and guarantees quality in site management, patient recruitment, and regulatory affairs.

    “Innovating Healthcare Through Diversity”

    Our Quality Promise

    With our business built on the foundation of excellence and diversity, quality is at the very heart of all our processes.We guarantee our services will meet your expectations.

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    Site Network through the Americas

    Recruiting physicians that serve underrepresented communities increases cultural competency, community comfort, and patient well-being.

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    What are Clinical Trials?

    Clinical trials are research studies that explore whether a medical strategy, treatment, or device is safe and effective for people.

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    Sponsors, Partners, and Affiliates


    Our News & Blogs


    Stay up to date on the latest news in health and medical practices.
    We cover the latest stories from research and development to keep well informed on the latest diseases and treatments.