FOMAT Medical Research has the honor to be part of the Magi Blue Ribbon Site

A Commitment to Excellence

FOMAT Medical Research & Diverse Research Solutions understand that it is essential to offer high-quality clinical trial services and we are pleased to announce becoming a “Magi Blue Ribbon Site.”

“Our heartfelt appreciation to Norman and his institution MAGI for nominating us as an excellent site within the clinical research community.  The credit goes to my amazing team that has an unwillingness to settle.​ As a charter member, I hope to lay the foundation for future Blue Ribbon Sites.” –  Nicholas Focil, Managing Director

“I am pleased to welcome Fomat Medical Research into the MAGI Blue Ribbon Sites Program as a charter member. Fomat is exceptional in finding locations and innovative methods that offer the diverse patient population the clinical research enterprise needs.” – Norman Goldfarb, Charman

About being a Blue Ribbon Site:

A commitment to excellence is a unifying principle that can inspire a team to go beyond just doing their jobs. While a culture of excellence includes ingredients like a shared vision, mastery of roles, accountability, and collaboration, the key ingredients are pride and inspiration. Clinical research is a tough, often frustrating business that needs the inspiration to rise above mediocrity and deserves pride when excellence is achieved.
Excellent sites exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Experience
  • Stability
  • Quick study start-up
  • Access to a large patient database
  • Consistently meet or exceed enrollment commitments
  • Generate high-quality data in a timely manner

About FOMAT Medical Research

FOMAT Medical Research is an international company focused on innovating healthcare through diversity for underrepresented populations throughout the Americas. In the US, we are a diverse Site Management Organization (SMO) team and in Latin America, we are an SMO with local Contract Research Organization (CRO) capabilities pioneering innovative clinical trials throughout both sectors. Our added benefit of CRO capabilities allows us to have the fastest start-up times in Latin America, allowing us to get studies up and running quickly and efficiently.
About Magi Blue Ribbon Site

MAGI is streamlining clinical research by standardizing best practices for clinical research operations, business, and regulatory compliance. Our 10,000+ members represent clinical research sponsors, sites and CROs. “MAGI” is pronounced with “G” as in Georgia and “I” as in Ireland. (Hear it pronounced.) Norman M. Goldfarb, CRCP, founder and chairman of MAGI, is organizing and chairing this conference. Learn more. MAGI is operated by First Clinical Research LLC, a company dedicated to advancing the practice of clinical research.

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FOMAT Medical Research
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