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Optimizing Clinical Trials Together

FOMAT Medical Research, with more than 23 active locations, is a full-service Integrated Research Organization (IRO), focused on innovating healthcare through diversity. FOMAT, headquartered in Oxnard, California, brings over 10 years of experience in participating in Phase 1 through Phase 4 clinical trials in a wide variety of therapeutic areas. We rely on a highly experienced clinical research team with the professional expertise necessary to assist Sponsors and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) with reaching their project goals quickly and effectively.


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Highlighting Some of Our Capabilities

These are some of the solutions we offer through a strategic combination of IRO services, experienced research staff, and our network of research centers. 

Phase 1 Unit

Navigate early-stage trials with us, focusing on safety, dosage determination, aiding the path of your novel drug development.

Our Phase II & III capabilities

We have partnered with the largest groups in California to run successful embedded clinical research studies.  

Our Vaccine

With over 20 years of experience in clinical trials and having access to a highly diverse patient population-we are perfectly positioned to assist organizations throughout the vaccine development process.

Why Partner with FOMAT?

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A One-Stop Research Solution

An all-inclusive solution for clinical research. Benefit from streamlined operations under a single budget and contract, managed by a dedicated point of contact.

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Diverse Clinical Trials & Broad Population Access

 Leverage our experience with a range of clinical trials and access to diverse populations. We navigate the intricacies of various studies, ensuring successful and inclusive trials.

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Quality Control: The Key to Data Integrity

Our Quality Control implements various internal processes to ensure the highest standards of data integrity and reliability.

Our Therapeutic Areas

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General Family


Healthy Volunteers

Immunology / Inflammatory

Infectious Disease / Vaccine






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Stay up to date on the latest news in health and medical practices.  
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