Save Our Sites (SOS) Conference

February 2nd, 2024

University of Arizona

The Save Our Sites (SOS) Conference is an inaugural event designed for site owners facing the complexities and challenges of our industry. This conference aims to provide these professionals with valuable insights, practical solutions, and a platform for collective support against common challenges, with a focus on enhancing the sustainability and success of our sites.

Nicholas Focil, CEO of FOMAT Medical Research, will be sharing his insights as a panelist, specifically on the challenges of staffing within clinical research sites. Discussions will include strategies for managing staff turnover, succession planning, and improving site morale, particularly for Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs).

If you're attending the SOS Conference and are interested in these topics, we invite you to connect with Nicholas. It’s an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with a focus on collaborative growth and innovation in site management and operations. Join us for this engaging and informative event.

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Nicholas Focil


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