Research Ambulance

Innovating our services alongside FOMAT’s Research Ambulance!

FOMAT is committed to providing the best service. To achieve this goal, we support and actively participate in community education programs in conjunction with our research ambulance.

We are committed to providing the best care and experience possible to our patients by boosting the quality of our services. Our research and recruitment team supports and assists us by continually monitoring the quality of our services and providing a safe and welcoming environment, along with the best ethical practices.

Clinical trials play a fundamental role in society. Thanks to the participation of patients, clinical trials can significantly contribute to the research of new therapies, drugs, and treatments.  It also helps us learn more about the new aspects of current diseases (which oftentimes have no treatment or cure).

People who participate in clinical trials can not only benefit from an innovative treatment, but they are also helping to make a new/better treatment available to other patients.

Our role as a research company and industry is important because we work towards bringing innovations in health through research. That is why we are professionally committed to the community (but not limited to those within our direct reach). Our commitment also extends to people in various parts of the world awaiting a cure or treatment for their health conditions. Part of our work consists of developing educational programs about health care education, outreach, and prevention. Through our innovative Community Outreach Program and Research Ambulance, our team seeks to inform the community about the grave risks to which we are predisposed (and that correlate with our research findings). We also wish to educate the community on the various actions one can take to prevent conditions that can seriously affect our health if we do not take timely corrective actions. That is why FOMAT Medical offers free diagnostic tests (depending on each case and if appropriate). In addition, we also provide possible solutions and viable alternatives to achieve a healthy life.

Currently, through our Research Ambulance, you can access the following education programs:

  • Fatty liver scans
  • COVID 19 tests
  • Immunizations
  • Physical Exams
  • Among many others.

We know that through our Research Ambulance, it will be much more feasible for diverse communities to have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials and contribute to the emergence 8jof future treatments and medicines that generate scientific changes for humanity and medical advancements. At FOMAT Medical, we are known for developing strategic alliances with the sole purpose of serving the community. We enjoy working in collaboration with organizations and companies that continuously look after the welfare of our community and offer Health Education Programs, which consist of free check-ups in different parts of the community.

Through our Community Outreach Program (held in different locations in Ventura County), our new Research Ambulance offers the possibility to receive free check-ups, schedule appointments at our facilities, and let the community know about any new clinical studies we have that are available and accessible to everyone.

For More information

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We continously seek alliances and partnerships with businesses and organizations that operate near large populations in Ventura County.  We offer free educational seminars on Health Management and we look forward to a healthy community with aspirations for a better quality of life.

If you are interested in participating in any of our programs or would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at 805 483 1185 ext 907 or visit us at 300 South A, Suite 201, Oxnard 93030.


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