Simon Corman Joins FOMAT to Help Innovate Healthcare Through Diversity


Simon Corman has over 20 years of experience as a cutting-edge leader in clinical research. His strengths revolve around corporate and business development- with an ability to create strategic partnerships with various CROs and Sponsors and form public-private partnerships that support clinical research. Additionally, he skillfully knows how to implement new technology and diverse business models to ensure the growth of organizations and has contributed to development within various innovative and agile companies. Simon has also excelled in senior roles within clinical research processes (I.e., Central IRB, IRO/SMO/Site Network, and Full-Service CRO). Thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit, he has even participated in several digital transformation initiatives- including eConsent, CTMS, eSource, EMR/EHR analytics/AI, Decentralized Trials, and more.   

Simon Corman
Chief Growth Officer

 Simon has even led one of the largest IRBs in North America, implementing industry cloud systems within the fields of financial and clinical operations. He has also led numerous quality management initiatives and business operations through AAHRP accreditation. His accumulated experience gained by working in various research centers means he has also successfully guided the launch of the industry’s second-largest network of centers/IROs.  

 Overall, his business experience, creative vision, and deep industry knowledge (coupled with his inspirational and thoughtful leadership) make Simon one of the best-prepared professionals. It is an honor to have him join our FOMAT Medical Research team.     


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