Respira Technologies Seeks Drug Candidates for its Nebulizer

Respira Technologies (West Hollywood, Calif.) announced the launch of a pharmaceutical-focused commercial development program for its RespiRx drug-delivery device platform. RespiRx is a portable, handheld vibrating mesh nebulizer designed for local and systemic treatment and can operate in any position held by the patient. Current-generation nebulizers are gravity-fed, which limits usage and can lead to improper use and/or lower rates of drug-delivery efficacy, according to the company.

RespiRx also has a pre-filled cartridge that includes a disposable piezo element and the drug compound suspended in an aqueous solution. This format is designed to improve convenience and eliminate patient error and misuse due to the lack of proper cleaning. The cartridge is programmable for precise dose delivery and is Bluetooth-enabled for dose delivery tracking, measurement, and electronic medical record data collection for the healthcare provider.

Target indications for the RespiRx include the treatment of asthma, COPD, potential vaccine delivery, pain management, nicotine replacement therapy, and investigative new drugs such as inhalable insulin.

“The current landscape of drug delivery platforms lacks the patient-focused attributes necessary to address the high rate of patient misuse of daily controller medications, including nebulizers,” said CEO Mario Danek in a news release, “The RespiRx was created to address the patient’s unmet needs for improved care.”

The company is backed by venture firms DG incubation, Evolution VC Partners, and Poseidon Asset Management.

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