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5 ways to boost Minorities’ Participation in Clinical Trials

Minorities’ participation in clinical trials is often an issue of debate among the clinical research industry. Anyway, most of us agree that their participation is crucial in order to develop better treatments for everybody.  That’s why as part of the professionals who make the healthcare industry we should encourage and improve strategies to boost minorities’ participation in clinical trials.

To understand what is getting in the way we should be aware of the barriers we face when recruiting minorities for clinical trials. Once these barriers are understood we can start creating strategies to increase minorities’ participation in clinical trials.

Our research was discussed with several recruiting professionals in the industry. Most of the strategies listed below come from a shared expertise and opinion. We encourage the industry to develop and share as much strategies as possible. Only then we can make sure the minority gap could be overcome in the next few years.

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You will learn best practices to acomplish the 5 ways to Boost Minority Participation in Clinical Trials:

  1. Learn/Educate about Clinical Trials.
    • Sometimes wrong/incomplete information is provided to volunteers.
    • Providing wrong information creates distrust.
    • Break myths
    • Encourage people to join a trial
  2. Relate to them
    • Sometimes it is difficult for volunteers to understand clinical trials or healthcare studies.
  3. Build Trust
    • Building trust is one of the most difficult points when working with minority groups.
  4. Collaborate
    • Global efforts are being implemented to increase education and awareness of clinical trials
  5. Run Clinical Trials in Latin America
    • Latin America offers diverse populations for rapid recruitment. Most countries are multicultural and have become great locations to implement broad-spectrum research.

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