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The Benefits of Alternative Therapy for Mesothelioma Patients

Mesothelioma, a cancer that effects the lining of the lungs, can be a particularly aggressive and difficult form of cancer for individuals to fight against. Because of how quickly and extensively cancer’s damage can be, patients must undergo rigorous chemotherapy treatments in order to stop its growth and improve their outcome. However, the chemotherapy, combined with the side effects of cancer, can leave many individuals feeling drained. In order to improve the individual’s overall health, doctors will recommend for them to take a look at alternative therapy systems that can help supplement the recovery process.


Reiki is the practice of using hand-based healing to concentrate on the individual’s body and provide them with the desired mental and physical results. Many practitioners swear by its effectiveness, and the meditative benefits can provide individuals with necessary relief from all types of cancer-related aches and pains. This system focuses on using hands to glide over and concentrate energy over a section of the body that is feeling pain. Because of how meditative the healing system is, individuals can look forward to all types of mental health benefits from its practice. Through such concentrate, the patient can improve their ability to tolerate different types of pain after the chemotherapy treatment. The mental motivation can also be used as a great way for individuals to stimulate their appetite and improve other aspects of their well-being as well. This healing system can act as the gentle push that patients need to begin exercising more or recovering their energy after rigorous chemotherapy sessions.


Much like any other exercise system, yoga focuses on using the body as a way to strengthen muscles and improve overall health. One of the biggest risks of cancer care is muscle atrophy as individuals use their muscles less and less. Combined with the fatigue that seems to come with chemotherapy, many may find themselves weakening and unable to muster up the energy to perform many other tasks. The solution to such chronic fatigue is slowly easing into exercise more and more regularly, and yoga is one of the best exercise systems available for individuals to enjoy. This system focuses on stretching the body and improving the range of mobility while strengthening the muscles throughout. Because it requires so much movement, it is an excellent system to improve the patient’s range of mobility without requiring excessive energy on their part. Anybody can ease into it and custom-tailor a routine that can suit their needs.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is another excellent healing system that can provide patients with stress and pain relief. Stress is one of the most detrimental side effects of chemotherapy and cancer. Stress can reduce an individual’s energy levels even further, making it hard for them to stay motivated and on-course for the recovery process. With massage therapy, patients can look forward to relaxing and enjoying physical relief from pain, which translates to reduced stress symptoms and improved overall well-being. The extent of the therapy depends entirely on the plan that the patient and primary caregiver agree upon. It can encompass massaging key stress areas and pressure points or it can be used as a targeted pain-management tool to massage away bedsores and other pain symptoms. No matter how it is used, it can be invaluable for those who feel as though they need assistance with stress and restlessness throughout the recovery process.

Those who would like to learn more about their options should be sure to consult with a medical professional at their earliest convenience to determine what type of supplementary healing system will work best for their needs.

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Virgil Anderson is a mesothelioma survivor. Mesothelioma is a lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure.
He was treated by the National Cancer Institute and is now spreading awareness of this disease.

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