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    eClinical Trials

    Telemedicine with FOMAT

    Our eClinical Trial Center of Excellence is equipped to run virtual and hybrid trials in just about any therapeutic area by combining 3 main components:

    • Through a principal investigator, with an experience over 200 clinical studies as IP.
    • Access to an extensive network of specialists across an array of therapeutic areas ready to consult on a study-by-study basis.
    • Team of experts equipped with the infrastructure necessary to execute.


    • Cost savings.
    • Improved site efficiency.
    • Better patient retention and fewer missed visits.
    • Larger patient demographic reach and higher enrollment
    • Less travel
    • Ability to access more clinical trials.
    • Allows patients to work with known physicians, less
    Hybrid Decentralized Study Fully Decentralized Study
    DescriptionReplace some in-site visits with Virtual Visits.Replace all in-site visits with Virtual Visits.
    Available Phase II-IV
    Remote research solutions such as: eContent, Virtrial, eSource, eReg, CTM and more.
    A protocol with fully decentralized visits schedule.
    Recruit patints from a larger geographic area.
    Reduce overall budget by decreasing in-site visits.
    No hands-on clinician interactions required.