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    Clinical Research and Trials in South America, Latin America and the United States

    FOMAT is a site management organization (SMO) with Contract Research Organization (CRO)  regulatory capabilities focused on the development and management of clinical research and trials in South America, Latin America and the United States.

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    Phase II and Phase III Clinical Trials

    FOMAT Medical Research is widely recognized for achieving high-quality study data and high patient enrollment rates. Our team is an expert at managing all aspects of Phase II and Phase III clinical trials. We offer a broad range of services that allow us to provide capacity and experience in clinical trial management. We ensure fast patient recruitment, provide high quality collected data, best industry timelines, very competitive pricing and a rapid start-up process. Our project team works in close collaboration with our sponsors and stay in close contact with it’s team members through regular communication and internal monitoring.

    FOMAT is committed to providing patients access to new therapies, and ensuring the   patient’s comfort and safety is the top priority. Our team has clinical research training and experience, its own research facilities and our investigators are specialists in various therapeutic areas. We have the expertise to perform sophisticated designs and clinical investigations within a scientific environment such as intensive PK and PD schedules, long hospitalization, invasive and non-invasive techniques.

    We have years of experience supplying small, mid-size, and large pharmaceutical needs. We analyze, internally monitor, and review study enrollment across all sites and implement new enrollment strategies for low performing sites. We know that trust and strong communication are the key elements and the foundation to building a successful relationship. Our knowledge and experience allow us to maintain clinical research efficiency and cost effectiveness.

    Why Focus on Hispancis & Clinical Trials in Latin America

    Hispanics are a growing minority in the U.S. Statistics suggests that they will become a moyority in a few years. So research must be done to provide better treatment for Hispanics.
    Developing Clinical Trials in Latin America is a great way to obtain data from the Hispanic Population.
    Most countries in Latin America will let you run clinical trials through a broad demographic spectrum.

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