DIA Global Annual Meeting

June 16-20, 2024

San Diego, CA

Explore the cutting edge of vaccine research and clinical trials at the DIA 2024 Global Annual Meeting, taking place from June 16-20, 2024, in San Diego, CA. This crucial gathering will host a series of sessions covering a wide array of important topics in vaccine development, providing a forum for leaders from industry, academia, government, and healthcare to share insights and discuss innovative solutions to challenges in the life sciences community.

Nicholas Focil, CEO of FOMAT Medical Research, along with Santiago Focil, Associate Director of Strategic Partnerships, will be attending. This event offers a unique opportunity to connect with both experts and peers, allowing you to gain valuable insights and explore potential collaborations. Engage with Nicholas and Santiago at the DIA 2024 to discuss the future directions and advancements in vaccine development.

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Nicholas Focil


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Santiago Focil

Associate Director Strategic Partnerships

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