FOMAT Medical Research Launches Phase 1 Services

FOMAT Unveils Pioneering Phase 1 Capabilities: Championing Diversity in Clinical Trials and Enhancing Patient Care

Oxnard, CA- FOMAT Medical Research announced today the launch of its new Phase I capabilities. The expansion will enhance FOMAT’s ability to provide efficient and high-quality services to its clients in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

The expanded capabilities will include the addition of new state-of-the-art facilities, specialized staff, and innovative technology. FOMAT will now offer a full range of Phase I services, including early-phase clinical trials, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies, and first-in-human trials.  

The clinic and site-specific processes are designed to carry out simple and complex clinical trials, offered across multiple therapeutic specialties, including infectious diseases, vaccines, CNS, Autoimmune, Inflammation, Metabolic, Endocrinology, NAFLD, NASH, Obesity, T2D clinical trials.

"We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and support, and the expansion of our Phase I capabilities is a testament to that commitment," said Nicholas Focil, CEO of FOMAT Medical Research. “Patient Diversity has been core to our mission since founding the company. Bringing early phase trials to our underserved and underrepresented communities is key to true inclusion during drug development. To that end, we are excited to help facilitate better engagement with both industry and patients.”
Nicholas Focil
CEO of FOMAT Medical Research

FOMAT Medical Research’s Early Phase/Phase One clinic is located just outside of Los Angeles, in Oxnard, California. It features state-of-the art facilities and marks a significant milestone in the company’s service offering, covering all phases of clinical development, and bolsters its ongoing commitment to innovate healthcare through diversity.

About FOMAT Medical Research 

Estamos ubicados en Oxnard, California, somos una Organización de Investigación Integrada (IRO), un subgrupo de una Organización y Gestión de Centros (SMO), nos enfocamos en innovar el cuidado de la salud a través de nuestros servicios. Tenemos más de 10 años de experiencia en la participación en ensayos clínicos de fase 1 a 4 en múlltiples áreas terapéuticas, contamos con un equipo experimentado en investigación con la pericia profesional necesaria para colaborar junto a los patrocinadores y a las organizaciones de investigación por contrato (CRO) a alcanzar sus objetivos de sus proyectos con rapidez y eficacia.

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Business Development Specialist 

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