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    FOMAT Medical Research has a Site Research Network of over 50 sites throughout the Americas, each with a variety of therapeutic areas with experience in Phase I-IV studies.

    We are an organization that prides itself on having employees who feel proud to have the opportunity to work and develop their careers in advancing medical science.

    • Be on the cutting edge of medical science by observing new drugs under investigation with the added ability to offer an alternative treatment to your patients.
    • Medical Training for the upcoming studies.
    • Help in obtaining Good Clinical Practices (GCP) or National Institute of Health (NIH) certificates. A smooth transition into the pharmaceutical industry with the aid of trained and professional research staff.
    • Valuable experience and networking opportunities within the industry. Gain firsthand experience and knowledge in Clinical Research with compensations for your time and support.
    • Access to guaranteed contracts and budget.

    • Practicing Medical License, updated CV, and training in Clinical Trials*
    • A signed Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement with FOMAT, to ensure that there is complete confidentiality in managing information for each clinical study. Required for all staff members.
    • Up to date Good Clinical Practices (GCP)* certification training.
    • Being able to commit the time and having a passion for Clinical Research*If you don’t have any training in Clinical Research, FOMAT can help provide training for you. Contact us for more information.

    *If you don’t have any training in Clinical Research, FOMAT will help you get trained. Contact us for more information.

    • Have a designated space for FOMAT coordinators, the development of clinical studies, and a secure storage area for study information.
    • Provide the necessary resources for successful study execution.
    • Employee access to your practice EMR for recruitment and study enrollment. *
    • Site-local MOH Approval for Clinical Research in your facilities. (Inapplicable countries*).

    *If you don’t have Site Local MOH, FOMAT can help provide you with training. Contact us for more information.