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FOMAT Announces New Website Launch

A new design to improve the experience of our visitors.

CALIFORNIA (Oct. 12th, 2018) — FOMAT Medical Research launches their newly redesigned website that offers a new experience to our visitors. The new website will allow visitors to learn more about FOMAT’s innovative vision in the Research Industry. The new website goes live today, October  12th, 2018, and is located at the same address:

The website is created to facilitate a more user-friendly experience, providing our visitors comfort in navigating through our website with ease. The updated website is organized in a manner that allows our diverse visitors to locate information based on their needs. For example. the main sections of our new website are structured as:

  • “Solutions for Sponsors and Clinical Research Organizations (CROS)”: This gives first-hand information about how FOMAT offers multiple solutions to aid and develop Clinical Trials throughout the Americas.
  • For Sites”: We truly believe in the importance of developing and providing Clinical Trials for underrepresented populations. With this belief, we actively seek, invite, and welcome potential sites to be part of one of the largest and growing Clinical Research networks throughout the Americas.
  • For Patients:  We believe it is important for the patients to be well educated and to understand what clinical research is and how it affects them. With patient education in mind, we developed a section that offers easily accessible and easy-to-understand information that will reduce the ambiguity, fear, and misconception of clinical trials.

“This newly redesigned website has been made to take advantage of each section of our website to offer first-hand information in a very effective way, ultimately improving  the overall experience of our website’s visitors. 
 Beatriz Morales, Marketing Specialist

More About FOMAT Redesigned Website

The updated design and enhanced user interface were integrated to improve the experience of the user and make navigation more user-friendly. Added features include:

  • Segmented information for Sponsors/ CROs, sites, and Patients.
  • Updated Services information for Sponsors and CROs to develop clinical trials in the US and LatAm.
  • Updated information for Principal Investigators
  • Revised Content and Informational Videos
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Easier and Increased Contact points.

About FOMAT Medical Research

FOMAT Medical Research is a modified and improved version of a traditional Site Management Organization (SMO) with over ten years of experience and participation in Phase I through Phase IV Clinical Trials in most therapeutic areas. We are highly focused on innovating healthcare and diversifying research throughout North and South America. We offer a wide range of solutions for Sponsors, Clinical Contract Organizations (CROs), Sites, and Patients throughout the Americas.

FOMAT’s headquarter is located in Southern California, however, our team members can be found throughout the United States and Latin America. We rely on a highly experienced clinical research team with a professional background to assist sponsors and CROs in reaching their project goals quickly and effectively. Our sites are pre-qualified to ensure that their performance will exceed expectations, both in terms of speed and quality. Once established in FOMAT’s expansive network, success and quality assurance is guaranteed every time. Our mission is to facilitate every stage of the clinical trial process and provide solutions for Sponsors, CROs, Sites, and Patients.

More Information about Clinical Trials
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